3 Tips To Feel More Confident!

3 Tips To Feel More Confident!

Expressing myself through my outfits is one of my favourite things to do. It makes me feel more confident and comfortable in myself, which leads to enjoying myself more. But it is a long journey to find what style makes you feel good and suits your overall appearance. So I thought I’d share a few tips which really helped me find my style that, hopefully, you will find helpful too!

​My first tip for finding your style is to browse social media apps (like Pinterest or TikTok) for inspiration. Pinterest is so helpful because there’s photos for every aesthetic and sometimes they include shopping links. You can also create a style board for you to come back to at a later date. I also love TikTok because alongside general outfit inspiration, you can get tips for styling certain items of clothing in different ways. On my Tik Tok @emattemptsart I have many styling videos that show you different ways to wear and aesthetics to incorporate my custom painted denim jackets.

Another tip for finding and embracing your personal style is to buy staples and versatile pieces. This way you can create different outfits with the same few items of clothing which will help you feel more inspired when picking what to wear. A few examples of good versatile pieces of clothing are: jeans, basic vests and crop tops, a denim or leather jacket, t-shirts and long sleeved tops.

My final tip for expressing and creating your style is to find a few statement pieces you love. These should pair well with your basic, staple items and if you feel passionately about them you’re more likely to keep them long term. Statement pieces can be anything from patterned trousers, a brightly coloured jumper or even a t-shirt with a unique design on. Alternatively you can buy custom pieces, like my custom painted denim jackets, tote bags and bucket hats.

Hopefully some of these tips have helped you, or given you inspiration, with your journey finding your style. Remember to have fun and be creative!

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