How do I order?

Message/email with whatever size/colour jacket or what products you would like and any ideas you have for your custom order. We can work it all out together, until you are 100% happy! I will create drafts for you until we have agreed on a design and then, once you've purchased, I can start painting on the jacket!

Will the paint wash off?

The paint on my custom painted jackets should be okay, but to protect the art and to be safe, I recommend only hand washing when absolutely necessary and other than that, always trying to keep it dry and as flat as possible.

What kind of paint do you use on your denim jackets?

I use Winsor & Newton acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium then set with heat.


What is you turn-around time?

I usually reckon the whole process takes around 3-4 weeks but can depend on the design, whether I have the jacket you require in stock, how many other orders I have on at the moment etc so I recommend ordering in plenty of time!

I want an 'XYZ' jacket, is that possible?

Unfortunately I cannot sell jackets that have copyrighted, branded, or otherwise owned, content on them. This is because I do not have the rights to that content and it could result in my shop being taken down or even being sued!

I can do things inspired by, for example, song lyrics but only if there's no chance of them having any copyrighted content on!

Hope you understand!



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