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Hello I'm Em!

I'm Em, I'm 26 from Surrey, UK and I own EmAttemptsArt! I started painting jackets in 2019 when I couldn't find a jacket with a design that I wanted for myself! After I had painted a few, some of my friends asked me to paint some for them!!! So I started selling custom painted jackets!!
In 2020, when we all went into lockdown, I was furloughed from my job. I decided to use my time to turn EmAttemptsArt into a proper business so I set up my Etsy, started selling more products and EmAttemptsArt grew from there!

Now I help as many people as I can express themselves in the unique way I have come to love!


My Story

When I was at school, I tried my best to work on my art, but I just didn't have the right tools/resources to improve so I fell out of love with creating art as I thought I wasn't any good! I have always been passionate about the creative industries though as I have always been a big music and movie fan!

At around 16/17/18 I was really struggling with my mental health and had absolutely no hope for my future, I had no idea what I wanted to do and I never saw myself as having a future, let alone a happy one! I went to university to study Music and Live Events Management as I hoped my love for music and concerts would translate into a career that I would love! Unfortunately, my mental health wasn't great at university either and I decided that I wanted to keep music as a passion rather than a career! I was also big into fitness at the time so I thought I wanted to be a personal trainer! I know, seems kinda random!! However, after graduating university, the company that I was doing my personal training course with went bust so I couldn't finish my course!! So I worked at a pub in my village and slowly started feeling more and more lost, and again, couldn't see how my future could work out!

In 2019, after watching Captain Marvel and feeling very motivated and empowered by Carol Danvers (and Brie Larson!), I looked around for some clothing or a jacket with a Captain Marvel design on. Not being able to find one that I liked, I remembered how creative I used to be and thought YES I could paint one myself! I did a bit of research on how to paint denim jackets, bought myself the supplies and, without telling anyone, I painted myself my very first custom denim jacket!! Little did I know, this one small thing was going to change my life!!

I painted a few more for myself and then some for my friends and then it turned into my little business!!! I have now painted over 100 custom jackets, been able to quit the job at the pub  and with your support, EmAttemptsArt continues to grow and help more people, like you, express themselves in a unique way!



Here at EmAttemptsArt, I try my absolute best to be as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible!

- Most of the jackets that I use for my custom orders are second-hand and up-cycled. This is because the process of making denim is so bad for the environment, so instead I take something that is pre-loved and turn it into something that will be loved for a long long time!

- Most of the packaging I use is re-used! Instead of having ~beautiful and branded~ packaging, I re-use the boxes and packaging that myself & my family receive to reduce wastage! The plastic wallets that my art prints come in are also biodegradable, recyclable and compostable!

- Etsy is one source of my income and they offset 100% of their carbon emissions which means that with every purchase, they help fund environmental projects!

- The company that I use for my printed products (t-shirts, hoodies etc) are ethically and environmentally friendly and are also based in the UK!

- I also try to buy as much as I can from other small businesses and avoid big companies and fast fashion brands as much as I can! To find more small businesses to support, check out my small business gift guide!





How do I order?

Message/email with whatever size/colour jacket or what products you would like and any ideas you have for your custom order. We can work it all out together, until you are 100% happy! I will create drafts for you until we have agreed on a design and then, once you've purchased, I can start painting on the jacket!

Will the paint wash off?

The paint on my custom painted jackets should be okay, but to protect the art and to be safe, I recommend only hand washing when absolutely necessary and other than that, always trying to keep it dry and as flat as possible.

What kind of paint do you use on your denim jackets?

I use Winsor & Newton acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium then set with heat.


What is you turn-around time?

I usually reckon the whole process takes around 3-4 weeks but can depend on the design, whether I have the jacket you require in stock, how many other orders I have on at the moment etc so I recommend ordering in plenty of time!

I want an 'XYZ' jacket, is that possible?

Unfortunately I cannot sell jackets that have copyrighted, branded, or otherwise owned, content on them. This is because I do not have the rights to that content and it could result in my shop being taken down or even being sued!

I can do things inspired by, for example, song lyrics but only if there's no chance of them having any copyrighted content on!

Hope you understand!



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