5 Recommendations For You

5 Recommendations For You

I love to relax in the evenings and watch TV. I watch TV a lot in the background whilst I’m doing other things, like chores or working on my business. There are so many good shows that are being released recently! So I thought I’d share some of my recent favourites, in case any of you are interested and would like to check them out.

The first show I’ve been loving, and you’ve probably heard of unless you live under a rock, is The Last Of Us. This is an apocalyptic show based on a video game. It covers so many important issues and the characters have so much depth. Plus it has PEDRO PASCAL (love of my life) in, so that’s always a bonus! If you are considering this show, please check the trigger warnings and only do so if it is good for you. I am so so obsessed with this show and am so emotionally attached to the characters right now!

ALSO if you're a fan of Pedro Pascal, fantasy and/or Star Wars, you should be watching The Mandalorian!!!! I'm sure you've heard of it, or at least seen Grogu (baby yoda for those of you who don't know his actual name), and I am LOVING season 3 so far, so would definitely recommend!! I also painted myself a Mandalorian jacket which you can check out here for the process of painting it and for all the details!!! I can't post about it on my business account for copyright reasons so go follow the tiktok account I made for my fan art!!


Another show I’ve been enjoying recently is Outer Banks. This is a teen drama about a group of friends who try to solve a mystery surrounding some missing treasure. But there’s so many twists and so much mystery it keeps you hooked! I watched the first 2 seasons in 3 days! So if you’re in the mood to binge watch something that has mystery but is mostly light-hearted, Outer Banks could be a good show for you!

My third show I’ve been watching is Shadow and Bone. Shadow and Bone is a fantasy show based on a book series of the same name, and includes characters from another duology called Six of Crows. Alina, the main character, discovers she is a Grisha and has powers. The story follows her adapting to her new life, learning about her powers and figuring out who can be trusted. Once you get your head around how the fantasy world works, it is a very easy watch. Perfect for any fantasy lovers out there. I'd definitely recommend reading the books if it's your sort of thing too!


A final show I’ve watched recently is an older show, but a classic, Boy Meets World. This show follows Cory Matthews as he navigates life. It is a classic sitcom, with some deeper conversations and themes in certain episodes, and is very comedic with light-hearted jokes. It is such a comfort show for me and I love to just play it in the background.

If you are a major TV fan and have any ideas for custom pieces then please get in touch or check out my website. I hope you’re all having, and continue to have a lovely week!

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