Do You Believe This?

Do You Believe This?

I've been reflecting back on my journey so far, with my business but also just my life in general, and the thing that stands out the most to me is my belief that:

everything happens for a reason!

Do you believe that too?

For example, there were multiple career paths that I tried to go down, such as becoming a personal trainer and working in the music/events industry, and had they worked out for me how I wanted at the time, I wouldn't have my small business now!

Another example is that if I didn't struggle with my mental health, I may never have found the escape and safety in the music that I listen to, I may never have formed such a strong connection to my favourite bands and artists, and therefore, I may never have found my expression and confidence through music and then painted jackets inspired by that music!

Do you have any examples in your life that show that everything happens for a reason? I'd love to hear them!


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