How To Find Your Style In 6 Steps

How To Find Your Style In 6 Steps

One of the things that has helped me feel more happy and confident in myself over the last couple years is finding a style that is more 'me'! One particular thing that helped massively was dying my hair pink! I know dying your hair isn't for everyone (especially as mine was originally because of a mental breakdown lol but it turned out good so it's okay) but I thought I would share with you some top tips on how to find your own style so you can also feel like a better version, and more true version of yourself!!
1. Find some inspiration! Whether it's on instagram, pinterest, tiktok, your friends & family, your old outfit pics etc etc, have a look around and try to find some styles or particular items that you like (and figure out what you dislike). You can even start a private pinterest board to collect all your ideas together and see what sort of things you can find! It doesn't have to be all the same types of style, you're allowed to wear whatever you like, in whatever style for however you're feeling! You don't need to fit into a certain box or category!
2. Go through your clothes and see what you have that you feel happy and comfortable in, see what outfits you can create, from what you already have, that are similar to the inspiration that you found! Any clothes that you don't like or don't fit anymore, either donate, sell on depop or look into doing a clothing swap! Make sure you've still got some staple pieces that you'll need for the basics like jeans, plain t-shirts etc.
3. Experiment! Try different outfits, colours, different styles & fits and figure what types you feel most comfortable, happiest and most confident in! Don't forget to also try out different hair styles (and colours if you want!) to figure out which ones you love most!
4. Ignore fast fashion and what's 'in-season'! Fashion in the media (and especially social media) can make you feel like you always need NEW NEW NEW clothes and that you can no longer wear your older pieces because they're 'out of style' IGNORE THIS! Whilst some things are seasonal because of the weather, most of your clothes you can keep wearing whenever you like and for as long as you like! If you're always following trends, you won't figure out what you actually like and you'll always feel like the clothes that you have aren't good enough! Buy and wear clothes that you like, because you like them, not because you're told to like them!
5. Personalise your outfits! Yes of course I'm going to mention getting some custom painted items because of my Etsy shop, but I also mean things like jewellery and nail varnish! Making your style personal to you and what you like can really help you feel confident and happy in your outfits! I personally LOVE wearing my custom painted jackets, hats & bags to show off my personality, and the things I love, in my outfits!

6. And lastly, the most important but possibly the hardest tip I have for you - STOP CARING WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK OF YOU! It's so so so hard to not think about how others may be judging you but you've got to do what's best for you and what makes you the happiest! Who cares what other people might think, if you're living your happiest and best life then who are they to judge! At the end of the day, we live on a floating rock and nothing really matters, you've just gotta make the most of the time you have!

​For more tips you can use my Find Your True Self Guide!
I hope you found this helpful, or even just interesting!
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