How To Find Your True Self

How To Find Your True Self

It took me years to figure out who I am and how to express my true self with the world, but now I've found it, I never want to go back!!! I think everyone deserves to find who they really are and to love themselves!!
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Here are my top 5 tips for finding & expressing your true self:

1. Assess what you like and dislike in yourself & current life situation! Visualise what you want your future self and life to look like!

2. Figure out what you are passionate about!

3. Work out your personal strengths, weaknesses and values!

4. Let go of the things, relationships, jobs etc that no longer serve you or fit into the future you want for yourself!

5. Celebrate who you really are! Share the you on the inside with the outside! Whether that's through your fashion, hair style, make up, custom clothing (*cough* from EmAttemptsArt right? *cough*) etc. be loud and proud about the real you!

For more tips, take a look at my True Self guide!

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