It's Chriiiiiissssttttmaaaaassss!!

It's Chriiiiiissssttttmaaaaassss!!

Happy December!!! I hope you're feeling well and truly festive and have made a good start on your Christmas shopping!!

If you missed it on your socials this week, I released two new Christmas card designs!! You can buy them here, individually or in packs!

I also posted some important info about last order dates for Christmas!

So if you're in the UK and you would like something custom painted for Christmas, please message me on instagram before Sunday 3rd December!!

Any other UK orders will need to be made before Monday 11th December to make sure they get to you before Christmas!!

We have unfortunately passed the time for international orders to be guaranteed to get to you before Christmas, but of course I can still accept and send out your orders!!

If you're not yet feeling festive here are some of my tips:

  • Light a festive smelling candle/wax melt or get a festive reed diffuser!
  • Watch a cosy Christmas film or Christmas tv special!
  • Put up as many fairy/Christmas lights up around your house as you can!
  • Listen to Christmas music!
  • Get cosy in Christmas pyjamas and Christmas blankets!
  • Read a Christmassy book!
  • Bake something Christmassy, like gingerbread!
  • Decorate your house with Christmas decor and art!
  • Write your Christmas cards and wrap your presents!

I hope that helps you on your festive way!

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