Just 2 Weeks To Go!

Just 2 Weeks To Go!

It is just over 2 weeks until 5SOS come back to the UK!! If you're going to see them and are still looking for some outfit inspo, this may help you with some ideas!! I always recommend wearing things you are comfortable in and also to wear layers as it'll probably be hotter inside the concert than outside! But here are some ideas of some things you can wear to dress to impress!!


They reference space/stars a few times in their songs, eg. outer space/carry on, and wearing outfits inspired by songs is always a fun idea! (outfit pics from ASOS)


Another idea is to find inspo in outfits that the band have worn, Luke, for example, has worn some great outfits with leather! If leather isn't for you, I'm sure you can find other inspo from outfits they have worn, they can even be proper throwback looks with flannel shirts and ripped skinny jeans if you want! (outfit pics from ASOS)


Last but definitely not least, I obviously have to recommend custom denim jackets!! You can get one custom painted inspired by your fave songs/lyrics/themes or whatever! Not only do they look amazing but you will definitely get compliments for them all the time!! It's getting close to tour now but if you message me as soon as possible, I will do my absolute best to get your jacket to you before your show!!!

I hope you have found this helpful for any upcoming concerts you may have! If you are going to any of the UK 5SOS dates, or Paris, I hope to see you there!!!

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