Let's Catch Up!

Let's Catch Up!

It's been a while, I think it's time for a catch up!

What have I been up to?

Since June I have been to multiple concerts, including Harry Styles, Peach PRC, Abba Voyage and The Aces!

I got another tattoo!!

I have been away to the Lake District and been to the Windermere Peaks (they did look like a perfect place to cry...)

I worked on a bunch of custom painted orders!

And spent lots of time with friends and family!!

So what's coming soon?

This month I am moving out!!!!!! Settling into my new life in a new town/county/part of the country and hopefully getting another job! Hopefully working on a bunch of orders (would you like a custom jacket for your upcoming concert outfits??)! Working on some new designs for my shop and continuing to work on myself/my business/my life!!

I have 5sos tour coming up next month, including going to Paris and Disneyland, so I am sooooo excited about a lot of things coming up!

I also still have a handful of 2023 calendars left so, as we're well past half way through the year, I have decided to add them in for free in any jacket orders I get, whilst stocks last! So if you'd like one for free, order a custom jacket soon!!!!

What have you been up to/what do you have planned for this month?

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