Top 5 Recommendations for October

Top 5 Recommendations for October

We're so close to the cosy and crisp autumn days!! So here are my top 5 recommendations for things you need for this October/Autumn!

1 Some cute autumnal decor is a must for this time of year! Whether its some cute wall art like this from RebPaints on AndSoToShop or this from my shop!


2 This October/Autumn you also obviously need some comfy clothes for all those cosy evenings! Check out this hoodie and oversized tshirt dress from ThisIsTheRemix!


3 You definitely need a good To-Watch list for all those evenings in so here are a few TV show recommendations!

  • I'm currently watching The Sex Lives of College Girls on ITVX because I'm obsessed with Renee Rapp at the moment and it's SO GOOD!
  • If you're a star wars fan then you should also be watching Ahsoka on Disney Plus!!!! It's AMAZING!!! I would recommend watching Rebels and The Clone Wars first, if you haven't already, but it's not necessary!
  • A bit of a guilty pleasure but my sister has got me into watching Made In Chelsea at the moment and I'm hooked on the drama of it all!
  • Only Murders In The Building on Disney Plus is also so good!! The twists and turns keep you hooked because you want to try figure out the mystery too!!

4 You know what makes those cosy evenings EVEN cosier?? Some cute lights, such as this moon lamp from HytCraftmans on Etsy.


5 OBVIOUSLY the best recommendation for your Autumnal months/ALL YEAR ROUND is a custom painted jacket!!!! Not only do they go with most outfits and are great for layering but they're super cool and you can really express yourself with them!!!

I hope you now feel sufficiently ready for the next few weeks/months! I'd love to hear what some of your recommendations would be too!

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